• Updated French language support - thanks to LeChatMG
  • Fixed some styling issues with the progress bar


  • Major code cleanup
  • Removed default text elements
  • Refactored some CSS elements and removed redundant files
  • Replaced local font with Google font


  • Added new footer layout and style


  • Fixed automatic language selection for new visitors


  • Added pumpkin notation (very spooky)


  • Improved loading screen


  • Fixed some minor UI issues


  • Fixed incorrect watering counter increment in the simulation code; this was uncovered by recent game datamines
  • Watering counter is now incremented AFTER the breeding chance was determined; this means one additional day where the base breeding chance remains 5%
  • Due to this finding, previous simulation results will differ from new simulations


  • Fixed incorrect image for black lilies


  • Fixed missing help text for color-safe on glossary entry


  • Background refactoring for better code maintainability
  • Flowers and genes in the testing results are now draggable and selectable
  • Added new logo and favicon
  • Replaced title font with default font used for the rest of the website


  • Fixed various issues with selecting/dragging genes


  • Minor UI fixes
  • Updated German language support


  • Added list of failed tests to the testing tool
  • Minor UI fixes


  • Added new testing tab to the breeding simulator
  • This tool helps finding possible tests for a set of same-colored flowers to determine their genes
  • Note that this tool only looks for first-level tests (no tests for test-outcomes etc.)
  • Updated the breeding simulator share button to allow sharing test searches


  • Minor UI tweaks


  • Detailed simulation results (table) has been removed to increase simulation and render performance


  • Replaced graph/chart engine; this will simplify the implementation of different charts in the future
  • Various UI tweaks to improve the page layout on smaller screens


  • Fixed black cosmos icon


  • Glossary entry filter options are now part of the share link


  • Updated Korean language support - thanks to nomiko


  • The browser URL is now updated when clicking a share button
  • Page content is now updated when clicking the browser history back/forward buttons


  • Updated French language support - thanks to Chomp


  • Made genes in offspring list on simulation results selectable


  • Added switches to change display values for offspring list on simulation results
  • Removed setting for outcome values; all values are now displayed as percentages
  • Minor UI fixes


  • Added offspring list to simulation results
  • Fixed some issues with the simulator algorithm (don't worry, none of the previous results were incorrect)
  • Minor UI fixes


  • Updated German language support - thanks to Catobat


  • Fixed some issues with settings not restored on page load
  • Made glossary search accept letters with and without accents in different languages


  • Updated Korean language support - thanks to nomiko
  • Updated Dutch language support - thanks to Ketama
  • Fixed a bug with the flower glossary not returning any results in certain languages
  • Added Spanish (US) language support - thanks to namae and blink


  • Updated Chinese (traditional and simplified) language support - thanks to cestislife
  • Big backend refactoring of the flower data-model; flower sources are now no longer hard-coded into the engine
  • Added better localization support for colors and sources


  • Added an option to hide the highlight area on the field when a tile is selected


  • New tooltip engine
  • Added new tooltips to various UI elements and labels
  • Changing UI language will now also update HTML language tag to signal new language content to the browser


  • Dialog windows are now closed if clicked outside of their bounds
  • Fixed an issue with multi-select when dropping selected tiles on their initial position
  • Minor UI improvements


  • Fixed incorrect parents count on glossary entry page


  • Fixed an issue where loading a glossary entry from a URL would fail to load the page
  • Fixed an issue with multi-select when toggling tile blockers


  • Clicking outside of the field now clears the current highlight/selection


  • Multi-select move also works on mobile and touch devices now
  • Fixed weird gene-switch spacing on some mobile browsers
  • Updated intro text - thanks to Waterjar


  • Added multi-select mode; this new mode allows you to select multiple flowers and/or blocked tiles in the placement simulator and move them
  • Selection can be made by drawing a selection area over the tiles or clicking a single tile
  • Selection can be modified by holding down ctrl/cmd and drawing another selection area or clicking individual tiles
  • Selection can be moved within the placement field; if moved outside of the boundaries or moving on invalid tiles, only the movement of the affected tiles is canceled
  • Selected flowers can be mass-deleted
  • Selected empty/blocked tiles can be mass-blocked/unblocked
  • Selected tiles can have their cliff level mass-incremented/decremented (if possible)
  • The count for parents in a glossary entry parents is now updated when filtered
  • Updated Korean language support - thanks to nomiko


  • Added new flower icons - icons made by cestislife
  • There are now different flower icons for field tiles (3 flowers per tile like in the game)
  • Minor styling tweaks and bug fixes


  • Fixed a bug where modifying flowers inside the field would not update the gene data
  • Added search results count on glossary search


  • Added possible parents count number to glossary entry page
  • Updated Japanese language support - thanks to Auroraskye


  • Added buttons to glossary entry parents to simulate breeding of the selected parents
  • Made container titles clickable to toggle collapse/expand


  • Changed dependency sources to CDN-hosted
  • Fixed icon position inconsistencies between browsers and OS
  • Improved double-click behavior on field tiles


  • Improved glossary entry filter algorithm
  • Fixed some UI issues in some browsers
  • Improved initial page load performance by disabling some animations
  • Added wildcard character (*) for genes in glossary search and glossary entry filter
  • Updated Korean language support - thanks to nomiko


  • Improved glossary search algorithm; it is now possible to search by type and color in the currently selected language
  • Fixed flower name length overflow in glossary search results appearing in some languages
  • Added island icon to genes to indicate source
  • Added variants count number to glossary entry page
  • Added filter bar to glossary entry parents list; can filter for color, genes and source


  • Added seed-bag icon to more gene labels
  • Minor code cleanup and refactoring
  • Updated Japanese language support - thanks to Auroraskye
  • Updated German language support - thanks to Catobat


  • Minor UI tweaks
  • Added seed-bag icon to genes to indicate source


  • Big changes to the placement mode: drag&drop and click&place have been combined into a single placement mode; when no field tile is selected, the field action buttons can be used in toggle-mode; all flowers and genes are now draggable and selectable; double-click a flower tile to select it
  • Reworked highlight and selection functions
  • Added new selection animation
  • Added right-click to remove flower function on field tiles
  • Minor UI tweaks
  • Added toggle button to display/hide genes of flowers in the field
  • Updated Chinese (traditional and simplified) language support - thanks to cestislife


  • Combined flower sources into a single container with tabs


  • Fixed some UI issues
  • Added toggle button to display/hide genes of flowers in the shop and island categories
  • Improved UI responsiveness during simulations
  • Results for simulations with more than 1000 runs are now not rendered by default to prevent browser lag/freeze
  • Removed overdrive setting; max cap on simulation days and runs is 100000 now


  • Fixed some UI issues
  • Re-enabled rare island flower category but added a notice/disclaimer
  • Added Russian language support - thanks to captain_curls
  • Updated Dutch language support - thanks to Ketama
  • Added simulator parameters to local storage
  • Updated Japanese language support - thanks to Auroraskye
  • Updated Chinese (traditional and simplified) language support - thanks to cestislife
  • Updated Korean language support - thanks to nomiko


  • Fixed an issue when detecting browser language
  • Added Japanese language support - thanks to Auroraskye
  • Fixed cliff meta for level 2


  • Fixed some info text mistakes
  • Fixed several UI overflow issues
  • Updated Korean language support
  • Added Chinese (simplified and traditional) language support - thanks to cestislife and Vityuri
  • Added share button for the glossary
  • Tile information is now automatically shown when clicking on a tile
  • Changed hover information of flowers to show their genes instead of the name
  • Rare island flower category has been temporarily disabled as they currently cannot be acquired in the game
  • Improved Chinese (traditional) language - thanks to Gina
  • Added Italian language support - thanks to Chelidonia


  • Updated intro text - thanks to Waterjar
  • Added Dutch language support - thanks to Ketama
  • Fixed QR code generation for some very specific cases
  • Fixed simulation results precision and rounding
  • Added local storage to save settings and container states
  • Added Korean language support - thanks to 에체 and nomiko


  • Updated intro text
  • Added English (GB) language support - thanks to Waterjar


  • Massive background refactoring
  • Flower glossary now remembers filters when browsing entries
  • Improved glossary rendering
  • Added localization support!
  • Fixed several UI control issues
  • Added support for localized glossary searches
  • Added German language support - thanks to Catobat
  • Added French language support - thanks to Aeter


  • Added tooltips to field buttons


  • UI adjustments for the field to improve usability especially on smaller screens
  • Background refactoring; preparing for future changes


  • Refactored field grid; performance on bigger layouts should be better now
  • Fixed a bug when parsing shared URLs


  • Changed gene notation names
  • Added bass notation (haha funny)
  • More backend refactoring
  • Fixed an issue with the field url generation/parsing
  • Added the possibility to search for seed and island flowers


  • Several UI tweaks
  • Made field collapsible


  • Huge backend refactoring; might break something
  • Added share button on breeding simulator
  • Added cliff levels to the placement simulator and breeding algorithm!
  • Reworked url encoding to include level data; also reduced size by about 20%


  • Fixed missing parent entries in the flower glossary
  • Fixed incorrect parent chances in the flower glossary
  • Added checkbox to toggle offspring display in the field
  • Added checkboxes to filter parents list in flower glossary


  • Added the function to jump to the gene entry when clicking on a gene in the glossary
  • Added a 'Back' button on the glossary to jump back to the last entry
  • Added a list of same-color variants for each glossary entry
  • Added a color-safe column indicating whether the offspring is the only one with that color
  • Made breeder scroll-able and work better on mobiles


  • Fixed a bug that would cause incorrect breeding results on the field info panel
  • Fixed a bug where when in Click&Place mode, newly generated genes wouldn't be selectable
  • Added new backwards breeding search when clicking on a glossary search result
  • Refactored some backend code


  • Added new flower glossary with search function


  • Reworked some styling aspects
  • Reworked share dialog
  • Added QR code for share links
  • Added some UI hover effects and animations
  • Made keyboard commands trigger on keydown rather than keyup


  • Fixed an URL encoding bug
  • Moved chart into a spoiler
  • Improved stats overview display


  • Updated stats overview
  • Optimized simulation result data
  • Implemented new share URL encoding to reduce link size and avoid invalid data parsing
  • Fixed various simulation results


  • New field background image
  • Added progress bar for benchmark
  • Added web workers for the benchmark; this should eliminate any browser lag when performing benchmarks
  • Improved performance of the simulator
  • Added even more data from the simulator
  • Added new fancy charts to the benchmark results
  • Made detailed benchmark results into a spoiler


  • Fixed an incredible stupid mistake with the visitor changes
  • Added new click&place setting and functionality
  • Changed benchmark layout
  • Added tile art for blocked fields
  • Added benchmark overdrive


  • Added favicon; credits to peach-n-key
  • Added benchmark calculator to test certain patterns according to the spawning algorithm; SUPER experimental!
  • Fixed benchmark visitor minimum
  • Fixed an issue with the benchmark algorithm not handling duplicates correctly
  • Added key-press events for arrow keys to move within the field and 'b' key for toggling a blocked field
  • Upgraded benchmark stat display


  • Added field blockers; nothing can spawn on those fields
  • Added settings dialog for customizing the calculator display
  • Added the possibility to display genes as binary
  • Blocked fields are now included in the sharing link
  • Updated info text to reflect newest information


  • Fixed breeds result chance numbers based on Punnett Square results rather than unique combinations
  • Changed chance value display to include 2 decimal places if necessary
  • Changed count values on genes to chance values
  • Added "Found on rare islands" section for rare flowers found on mystery island tours
  • Changed numeric gene numbers to their genetic representation
  • Fixed field resizing when flowers are at the border
  • Added the possibility to share placed flowers in the placement simulator (experimental)
  • Optimized field reset
  • Fixed an issue where dropping a flower into the breeding simulator wouldn't update the flower type
  • Prepared simulator for changing gene notations
  • Optimized field info display


  • Fixed no results message on empty fields
  • Added info message when no field is selected
  • Minor UI tweaks for better readability
  • Fixed spawning algorithm
  • Fixed breeds result chance numbers


  • Fixed some UI elements
  • Reworked spawning algorithm; field should work properly now
  • Added information panel for selected fields


  • Reworked the entire UI
  • Updated intro text


  • Added a more readable font for non-title text
  • Fixed several style issues
  • Moved breeder into a spoiler
  • Refactored a few components and added no-result message for incompatible flowers
  • Changed drop behavior for breeder; display flowers are now always copies of the original flower


  • Added a breeding result panel
  • Added drag&drop for genes in the breeding result
  • Added change display below colors in breeding result
  • Added spoiler for changelog
  • Updated intro text
  • Field is still broken at this point, will update shortly


  • Updated the flower handles to include genes
  • Reworked drag&drop mechanics
  • Added flower-info panels and selectors for type and genes


  • Updated data model to include the new findings on genes by Aeter
  • Due to this update I will rebuild the entire tool for simulating the flower genetics


  • Fixed an issue where flowers were not able to reproduce when no other flower is within its area
  • Removed edge area on fields
  • Updated intro text
  • It is now possible to place flowers of different type into the field at the same time
  • It is now possible to resize the field
  • Made data fully loadable from JSON which makes the UI elements independent from data (potentially useful for future extensions)


  • Fixed an issue where the breed field tooltip wouldn't display in some circumstances
  • Updated intro text


  • Improved breed calculations
  • Updated intro text


  • Added tooltips for breed fields
  • Added into text


  • Added tooltips for flowers
  • Added area highlight for flower fields


  • Fixed an issue with the displayed breed colors


  • Initial release
: Aeter, Auroraskye, blink, captain_curls, Catobat, cestislife, Chelidonia, Chomp, 에체, gaotianze2000, Gina, Ketama, LeChatMG, namae, nomiko, Vityuri, Waterjar